Best Government Insurance Policies in India with Zero Premium

Best Government Insurance Policies in India with Zero Premium: Before getting to Know the best insurance policies in India with zero premium, first, we must know what is an insurance policy.

In insurance, the Insurance Policy is an agreement between the safety net provider and the policyholder, which decides the cases that the Insurance plan is legitimately expected to pay. In return for an underlying installment, known as the premium, the backup plan vows to pay for misfortune brought about by dangers covered under the policy language.

Best Government Insurance Policies in India with Zero Premium

Insurance policies are intended to address explicit issues and accordingly have many highlights not tracked down in numerous different kinds of policies. Since insurance contracts are standard structures, they highlight standard language which is comparative across a wide range of kinds of protection contracts.

The insurance strategy is for the most part a coordinated policy, implying that it incorporates all structures related to the arrangement between the protected and safety net provider. At times, notwithstanding, strengthening works, for example, letters sent after the last understanding can make the insurance strategy a non-incorporated policy. One protection reading material expresses that for the most part “courts think about every single earlier discussion or arrangements … each legally binding term in the arrangement at the hour of conveyance, as well as those composed subsequently as strategy riders and supports … with the two players’ assent, are essential for the composing approach”. The course reading additionally expresses that the arrangement should allude to all papers which are important for the strategy. Oral arrangements are liable to the parol proof rule, and may not be viewed as a component of the strategy in the event that the agreement seems, by all accounts, to be entirety. Promoting materials and fliers are commonly not a piece of a strategy. Oral agreements forthcoming the issuance of a composed strategy can happen.

Types of Insurance Policies Available in India

In life, any unanticipated situation can disrupt your family’s well-being. As such, different types of life, health, and general insurance programs are available in India that offer comprehensive financial safety to you and your loved ones. On the same date, you can choose an insurance policy to cover your capital and property. Even so, before buying an insurance policy, it’s very much necessary to understand the different types of insurance policies and also decide on the ones that align with your demands. The different types of Insurance policies that are available in India are given below:

General Insurance

General insurance coverage is among the kinds of insurance coverage that provide protection in the form of a sum guaranteed against the losses incurred other than the death of the policyholder. Overall, basic insurance coverage makes up different kinds of insurance policies that offer economic defense against losses incurred due to obligations such as bike, automobile, residence, wellness, and comparable. These numerous basic insurance sorts of insurance coverage consist of:

Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy

Health insurances are types of insurance plan that cover the costs sustained due to healthcare. Health insurance plans either pay or reimburse the amount paid towards the treatment of any illness or injury. Various kinds of insurance policies cover varied medical care expenditures. It normally provides protection against:

  • Hospitalization
  • Treatment of critical illnesses
  • Medical bills post hospitalization
  • Daycare procedures

There are a couple of sorts of health insurance strategies that also cover the price of resident therapy and pre-hospitalization expenditures. Climbing prices of health care in India are making health insurance a need. Various types of health insurance plans offered in India consist of:

  • Individual Health Insurance: Offers coverage to only an individual.
  • Family Floater Insurance: This allows your entire family to get coverage under a single plan, which usually covers the husband, wife, and two children.
  • Critical Illness Cover: Specialized types of health insurance that offer coverage against various life-threatening illnesses like stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, and similar others. Policyholders get a lump sum amount on the diagnosis of a critical illness.
  • Health Insurance for Senior Citizens: These types of insurance plans cater to all individuals above 60 years of age.
  • Group Health Insurance: Offered by an employer to its employee.
  • Maternity Health Insurance: This insurance type covers medical expenses for prenatal, post-natal, and delivery stages, offering protection to both the mother and the newborn.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: These types of insurance plans cover financial liabilities arising due to accidental injuries, disability, or death.

Motor Insurance Policy

Motor Insurance Policy

Motor insurance policies are kinds of insurance that use monetary support in instance your bike or vehicle obtain involved in a mishap. Numerous types of Electric motor insurance policies in India consist of:

  • Cars And Truck Insurance: Individually four-wheelers are covered under this plan. The vehicle insurance coverage types include- third-party insurance as well as detailed cover plans.
  • Bike Insurance Policy: These are sorts of insurance coverage where independently possessed two-wheelers are covered against mishaps.
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance: This is one of the insurance kinds, which supplies protection to any type of car used for business purposes.

Home Insurance

Residence Insurance policy as the name suggests, a house insurance policy supplies extensive defense to the components and framework of your residence against any physical damage or damage. Simply put, this insurance policy type will certainly supply insurance coverage against any type of natural as well as human-made disaster, such as fire, earthquake, twister, break-ins, as well as robbery. Different sorts of house insurance policies consist of:

  • House Structure/Building Insurance– Protects the framework of the house against damages during any catastrophe.
  • Public Liability Insurance coverage– Gives coverage against any type of damages to a guest or third party on the insured property.
  • Common Fire and also Unique Risks Plan– Insurance coverage against problems created due to fire outbreaks, natural calamities (e.g., landslides, rockslides, earthquakes, tornados, and floods), as well as anti-social human-made activities (e.g., surges, strikes, and also riots).
  • Individual Mishap– Offers monetary protection to you as well as your household versus any type of sort of permanent dismemberment or unexpected death to the insured individual, anywhere worldwide.
  • Robbery and Burglary Insurance policy– Provides settlement for taken items in case of a robbery or burglary.
  • Material Insurance– Provides payment for loss of furnishings, lorries, and other devices in case of a fire, theft, flood, or riots.
  • Lessees’ Insurance– Supplies monetary protection to you (as a lessee) against any loss of personal property living in a rented out home.
  • Landlords’ insurance policy– Provides protection to you (as a property manager) versus backups such as public obligation and loss of rent.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance coverage is a different sort of insurance coverage that compensates for any kind of losses incurred as a result of a fire outbreak with an amount guaranteed. These types of insurance plans usually supply a substantial quantity of insurance coverage to aid both people and firms to resume their locations after incurring extensive damage due to fire. These insurance coverage kinds cover war danger, turmoil, and troubles losses as well.

Different types of Fire Insurance in India are:

  • Valued policy
  • Specific Policy
  • Floating Policy
  • Consequential Policy
  • Replacement Policy
  • Comprehensive Fire Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance 

As the name recommends, a travel insurance policy is a type of insurance policy, that provides financial protection for you and also your liked ones while you are visiting any type of area in India or abroad. Whether you are traveling solo or with your liked ones, the traveling insurance coverage will certainly assist make certain that you have a calm journey. The travel insurance policy coverage takes care of any kind of concerns that you might encounter throughout your journeys such as loss of luggage, trip cancellations, loss of tickets, or individual and medical emergencies. Different sorts of travel insurance policies include:

  • Residential Traveling Insurance Policy: Within the country
  • International Travel Insurance Policy: For any type of journey or getaways beyond India
  • Person Traveling Insurance Policy: If you are taking a trip alone
  • Trainee Travel Insurance Coverage: If you are going abroad for further studies
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: For elderly people, aging between 60 to 70 years
  • Family Members Traveling Insurance: For any type of household trips

Life Insurance

Life insurance plans deal insurance coverage against unfavorable occasions like fatality or handicap of the policyholder. Besides monetary security, there are various types of life insurance policy plans that enable the policyholders to optimize their cost savings with routine contributions right into various equity as well as financial obligation fund alternatives. You can pick a life insurance policy to secure your family members’ monetary future against life’s uncertainties. The plan coverage comprises a big quantity, which is payable to your liked ones if anything occurs to you. With this insurance kind, you have the flexibility to select the life insurance policy plan duration, protection quantity, as well as payout option based upon the monetary requirements. Different types of life insurance policies are as adheres to:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Endowment Plans
  • Unit-Linked Insurance Plans
  • Child Plans
  • Pension Plans

Term Life Insurance Plans

  • Term insurance policy is the purest and also most affordable amongst the kinds of insurance plans in which, you can choose a high life cover for a certain duration. You can safeguard your household’s financial future with a term life insurance strategy by paying a low premium (term insurance coverage plans generally do not have any type of maturity value, as well as thus, provide lower rates of costs than other life insurance items.).
  • If anything occurs to you within the policy period, your like ones would obtain the agreed Amount Assured as per the payout option picked (some term insurance policy types use numerous payout choices also).

Whole Life Insurance Plans 

  • Whole life insurance strategies, also called ‘standard’ life insurance policy strategies, provide protection for the entire life of the insured individual, rather than any other life insurance policy instrument that supplies insurance coverage for a certain number of years.
  • While an entire life insurance strategy supplies to pay a death benefit, the strategy additionally includes a financial savings part, which aids accrue a cash money worth throughout the policy term. The maturity age for a whole life insurance policy is 100 years. In case, the insured specifically lives past the maturity age, the whole life strategy will certainly come to be matured endowment.

Endowment Plans

Endowment plans essentially give financial protection to the policyholder against life’s unpredictabilities, while allowing them to conserve routinely over a specific period. Upon maturation of the endowment plan, the insurance holder obtains a lump sum quantity if he or she endures the policy term.

If anything occurs to you (as Life Insured), the life insurance endowment policy pays the total Sum Assured to your family (beneficiaries).

Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

Unit Linked Insurance policy Plans are kinds of insurance policy that offer both investments as well as insurance advantages under a solitary plan agreement. A section of the premium that you pay in the direction of a System Linked Insurance policy Strategy is assigned to a selection of market-linked equity and also debt tools. The staying costs add towards providing the life cover throughout the policy tenure. In this investment-cum-insurance type item, you have the adaptability to choose the allocation of premium right into various instruments based on your monetary requirements and also market danger appetite.

Child Insurance Plans

Child strategies are types of insurance coverage that assist you monetarily in safeguarding your child’s life objectives such as higher education as well as the marital relationship, even in your absence. To put it simply, child plans supply a mix of financial savings as well as insurance advantages that assist you in the financial preparation for your kid’s future demands at the appropriate age. The sum of cash gotten on Maturation under this insurance policy kind can be utilized to accomplish the economic demands of your kid.

Pension Insurance Plans

A pension plan, likewise known as retirement plan, is a kind of investment strategy that assists you in collecting a portion of your cost savings over an extended duration. Essentially, pension aids you take care of economic unpredictabilities post-retirement, by ensuring that you continue to get a consistent flow of revenue even after your working years are over.

Simply put, a pension plan can be a type of insurance policy in India that enables you to create financial padding for your life post-retirement, in which you contribute a specific quantity of cash frequently until your retirement. Ultimately, the accumulated quantity is given back to you as an annuity or pension plan during normal periods. With Max Life Insurance Policy, you can locate thorough strategies such as Max Life Smart Wealth Strategy or Max Life Smart Secure Plus Strategy to fulfill your particular investment objectives and also maintain your like ones economically safe and secure.

Tax Benefits of Different Kinds Of Insurance Policy in India

Amount paid toward costs for various types of life insurance strategies is tax-deductible

  • Under Area 80C of Income Tax 1981, the premium payable in the direction of all kinds of life insurance policy plans is tax-deductible as much as Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • Under Section 80D of income tax obligation 1981, the costs payable in the direction of all sorts of health insurance plans are tax-deductible, based on a maximum of Rs 25,000 for self, better half and youngsters and also added 25,000 for moms and dads having age below 60 years (the tax financial savings can increase to Rs 50,000 for elderly people individual and also 50000 if moms and dads are senior citizens. Complete reduction can go up to 1Lakh).

How to Buy Car Insurance Online?

Buying a Car Insurance Policy Online is very easy in India. You just need to have an internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Here are the actions that you can follow to purchase an Auto Insurance Policy for your Car

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Steps to Buy Car Insurance Online

  1. Visit the website of the insurance coverage supplier that ideally suits your demands.

  2. Fill out your personal details, such as mobile number, e-mail address, etc., in addition to the details of your vehicle, consisting of engine number, chassis number, and also registration number.

  3. Select the insurance policy protection strategy and add-ons (if any type) of your option

  4. Pay the costs quantity through an online setting and also finish the procedure.

    After completing the procedure, you will certainly obtain a confirmation mail from your insurance policy provider in addition to an electronic duplicate of your insurance policy.

How To Renew Your Existing Car Insurance Cover Online

Similarly, it is very easy to Renew Existing Car Insurance Cover Online. The following are the steps you can follow to renew your Car Insurance Policy Cover:

  • Step 1: Visit the website of your insurance policy supplier
  • Step 2: Select the option of car insurance policy revival
  • Step 3: Key in the policy information– you may choose to include or exclude add-ons as per your needs.
  • Step 4: Pay the premium through an online setting and also complete the revival process.

Once you finish the process, your insurance provider will certainly send you a digital duplicate of the plan and also the settlement receipt.


It is, therefore, insurance is a very crucial part of anyone’s life. By this post, we are not promoting any insurance service provider. Please go through all the documents provided by the Insurance company before buying any policy. The information provided above is for informational purposes only and may change at any time according to the government order or any other factor. Visit the official Sources once before taking any action.


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