Thozhi Lyrics in English – Pradeep Kumar, Hey Sinamika

Thozhi Lyrics in English: The song Thozhi is one of the most popular music videos in the Tamil Language presented by Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. featuring Dulquer Salmaan and Kajal Agrawal from the movie Hey Sinamika released on 25 February 2022. The music of Thozhi Lyrics was composed by Govind Vasantha. The singer of Thozhi Lyrics is Pradeep Kumar and the Thozhi Lyrics were written by Madan Karky. On this page, you will find the Thozhi Lyrics in English.

Details of Thozhi Lyrics in English – Pradeep Kumar, Hey Sinamika

DescriptionThozhi Lyrics in English
Song NameThozhi
SingerPradeep Kumar
MusicGovind Vasantha
LyricsMadan Karky
CastDulquer Salmaan and Kajal Agrawal
Movie/AlbumHey Sinamika
Release date25 February 2022
Music LabelSony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Thozhi Lyrics in English – Pradeep Kumar, Hey Sinamika

Yaarodum Kaanaadha Thooymaiyai
Unnil Naan Kaangiren
Mun Endrum Illaadha Aasaigal
Unnaale Naan Kolgiren

Vazhiyile Idhayathin Nizhalaay
Neelgindraay Naa Oaya
Vizhiyile Thelithidum Kadalaay
Aagindraay En Seiven
Solladi Thozhi Thozhi
Ennarundhozhi Solladi

Heyy Kannaadiye
En Bimbam Ennai Pol Illaaye Unil
Heyy Vaanoliye
En Pechu Thooral Pol Kutkkudhe Unil

Heyy En Nizharthunaiye
Murattu Mounam Manmaiyaay Pesumaa
Heyy Uyirkkadhaave
Thirakkumbodhe Aayiram Vaasam Veesumaa
Thozhi Thozhi
Ennarundhozhi Solladi

Needhaana Ennulle Veezhvadhu
Theeraa Thooralgalaay
Needhaana Ennulle Moolvadhu
Thoongaadha Thee Pookkaalamaay

Kavithaigal Suvaithidum Thunaiyaay
Neeyaanaay Neeyaanaay
Purinthida Varigalin Porulai
Ketkkindraay En Seiven

Solladi Solladi Solladi
Solladi Thozhi Thozhi
Solladi Thozhi Thozhi
Ennarundhozhi Solladi…

The song Thozhi (starring Dulquer Salmaan and Kajal Agrawal) became very popular among people and become one of the trending songs. The Thozhi Lyrics in English are also very popular among the audience. The reason for becoming Thozhi Lyrics in English very popular is because of its attractiveness and most of us want to learn the Thozhi Lyrics and sing them.

I hope the Thozhi Lyrics have helped you. If you have any issues/queries related to the Thozhi Lyrics in English or any other content of this website or if you found any mistakes in Thozhi Lyrics in English, feel free to contact me at or fill out the form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the singer of Thozhi Lyrics?

Pradeep Kumar is the singer of Thozhi Lyrics.

Who is the music composer of Thozhi Lyrics?

Govind Vasantha is the music composer of Thozhi Lyrics.

Who wrote the Thozhi Lyrics in English?

Madan Karky wrote the Thozhi Lyrics in English.

What is the language of Thozhi Lyrics?

The language of Thozhi Lyrics is Tamil.

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